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All Kids are born with wonder,but are crushed by society itself - Michio Kaku

It's is simply a matter of historical fact...

"It is simply a matter of historical fact that the dominant intellectual culture of any particular society reflects the interest of the dominant group in that society. In a slave owning society the beliefs about human beings and human rights and so on will reflect the needs of the slave owners.

In the society, which... is based on the power of certain people to control and profit from the lives and work of millions of others, the dominant intellectual culture will reflect the needs of the dominant group. So, if you look across the board, the ideas that pervade psychology, sociology, history, political economy and political science fundamentally reflect certain elite interests.

And the academics who question that too much tend to get shunted to the side or to be seen as sort of 'radicals'."

--Dr. Gabor Mate


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Bank of America does not take cash!!!

A straight forward view of Education

Supertramp - Crime of the Century -


In our culture, there is an overwhelming neurosis in people. There is an inherent inability of the public to process information in order to distinguish information which is true from information which is false. This makes it very unlikely for the masses to come upon the truth in anything.