Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hang Gliding and Skydiving

On a tandem hang glide...
I told the pilot that I was a skydive
instructor and that I wanted a good ride...I flew the hang glider
for most of the ride and then he looked over at me and said,
"Okay, you say you want a good ride?"...and I said "Yeah,
let's do it!"...and he stalled the hang glider and dove straight
down towards the ground...then he pulled out of it and did
a few 360's and then, only a few hundered feet above the
ground, he stalled it out again and we bolted straight down
and then he pulled it out at the last moment and did a 360
and landed...we rolled in on its wheels and stoped right by
my brother and the pilot of the ultra-light that
towed us to altidude.

Doing a skydive...
Nate Gilbert took this picture during
photo session on a skydive. Sadly Nate was
killed not long after doing something I pleaded
with him not to do...catching a cut-away main canopy
while flying under a very small high performance canopy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our trip up north

The Wildman in Chicago

The Gang in Chigago

Another pic of the Gang

On the boat

Over 1400 feet high

On the Chicago River

On Lake Michigan

The view out the window

Kim Kim in front of Trump Tower

Kim Kim and Bill in Chicago

Kerry with Bill in background

Kerry cruzin down the Chicago River

Kerry and the glow

Kerry and the Chicago skyline

Andrea on the boat cruise

Chicago from the great lake

Sailboats of Chicago

A different view of the skyline

On the Chicago River

Bill checking out the lake

The Sailboat on Lake Michigan