Sunday, May 3, 2009

The forced sale of my dream home

This is where I was forced to sale my dream home
all because a very crooked detective named
Preston Peavy falsely arrested me and then
attempted to manufacture my guilt!!! I beat the
crooked bastard at his own game and
I'm not finished with him yet!!!! This extreemly
crooked "Investigator" was demoted to
uniform patrol, and after some time he was no
longer with the Sheriff's Department! But it is a
sad day that this "evil" cop that ruined my life
and put my family through the most difficult
years...with my dear sweet mother passing on
under the stress of corruption and malfeasance
at the hands of
Preston Peavy and all the officials that covered
for his demented actions!
Is it any
wonder that the state of Georgia passed
illegal laws in 1832 that kept the American
Indians from owning land in Georgia, and then
made it illegal to protest this illegal law?!? Then
in 1983 this same crappy state, that I happened
to have been born in, passed immunity laws so that
state officers could commit all kinds of crimes
against a citizen and there would be nothing he
or she could do about it. I know how the poor

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