Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Corrupt and Incompetant Judge John B. Sumner

These are mug shots of Judge John B.
Sumner, the Cherokee County Judge that
ignored Felony Tampering with Evidence
in my case. He was arrested for DUI
twice in 1992 and these were not his only arrests.

The former Detective Preston Peavy committed
the crime of Felony Tampering with Evidence and
one of these felony crimes was pointed out

during my trial with Judge Sumner presiding.

Judge Sumner said there were
going to be some Chain of Custody Hearings to look
into which officer of the State altered this critical
evidence that would have cleared me of any crime,
yet no such hearings ever took place. This judge failed
to take care of the business of the court, thereby killing
my mother and bringing continued harm to me and
my loved ones.

This judge committed a felony by covering
up for the former Detective Preston Peavy
who committed back to back misdemeanors and felonies
by ignoring, altering, and tampering with virtually every
piece of exculpatory evidence in my case. This evil cop falsely
arrested me for three (3) misdemeanors and then he
presented tainted evidence to a Grand Jury to have
me falsely indicted for a felony!

This corrupt town
of Cherokee County, Georgia spent 50 months
relentlessly trying to put
me away for 20 to 30 years for crimes I not only did not
commit, but where I was in fact the VICTIM!!!!!!!

Age 39 - appointed Juvenile Court Judge by Superior Court Judge Frank Mills--this dishonest and unbalanced man works in the Family Court System and has acted as a Superior Court Judge

•Spent 6+ years in his own personal hostile custody fight, which started before he became Judge

•When appointed Judge, had a relationship with a married woman

•Divorced his wife when she became pregnant with his second child

•Tried to hide his divorce by filing in a different county

•In Juvenile Court he condones parental alienation and lies in order to remove kids from their parents and grandparents

•Files fake crime reports and a fake restraining order against good grandparents of children and sends out the Violent Crimes Unit to the house of elderly grandparents to intimidate them and threaten them with arrest

•While acting as a Superior Court Judge he covered up for the crime of Felony Tampering with Evidence by the former Detective Preston Peavy

•Held a trial in the wrong court (my trial was heard in The Family Court, but according to law this was not a Family Court case)

•Did not dismiss a case that involved Felony Tampering with Evidence in order to manufacture my guilt

•When I confronted him at his "Church" about my case, he lashed out in anger and yelled out "I can't discuss this case with you!"

•Lied about holding Chain of Custody Hearings and did not take care of the business of the Court (allowed a felony case to drag out for 50 months without due process of law)

Age 30 - Judge John B. Sumner was practicing law as a Public Defender when he was arrested for DUI (see mug shot at top). The arrest report reveals the following:

· Rear ended a sheriff's car stopped at a red light

· Failed all FOUR sobriety tests

· Had slurred speech, watery red bloodshot eyes

· Arrested for careless driving and DUI

· Passenger in car was seriously injured

· Refused the breath test, refused to answer any questions

· Claimed he was changing a radio station and not paying attention, as the officer detected a strong alcohol odor

· Has DUI’s in more than one state


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  1. wow I am not surprised as he has messed with my life for almost 5 long long years, this church going JUDGE is nothing more than the DEVIL himself, I will be posting all of my paperwork and proof as well so anyone and everyone can see for themselves why we are all getting burned,yeah the DEVIL himself....