Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hang Gliding and Skydiving

On a tandem hang glide...
I told the pilot that I was a skydive
instructor and that I wanted a good ride...I flew the hang glider
for most of the ride and then he looked over at me and said,
"Okay, you say you want a good ride?"...and I said "Yeah,
let's do it!"...and he stalled the hang glider and dove straight
down towards the ground...then he pulled out of it and did
a few 360's and then, only a few hundered feet above the
ground, he stalled it out again and we bolted straight down
and then he pulled it out at the last moment and did a 360
and landed...we rolled in on its wheels and stoped right by
my brother and the pilot of the ultra-light that
towed us to altidude.

Doing a skydive...
Nate Gilbert took this picture during
photo session on a skydive. Sadly Nate was
killed not long after doing something I pleaded
with him not to do...catching a cut-away main canopy
while flying under a very small high performance canopy.

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