Wednesday, November 17, 2010

John K. Northrop and Charles D. Walker

Here's what other hunters see through dense brush.

Here's what color-blind deer and other animals see.

Charley Walker in a picture for Game Winner

Charley in another shot for Game Winner Magazine

The skilled hunter, Dick Wilson, bags a trophy

Charles Walker in his great invention--Vist-O-Flage

Northrop XP-79B-Jet-Flying Ram

Northrop XP-56-Flying Bullet

Northrop xb-35

John B. Northrop, was a man with a dream...but, like
so many others, his dreams were crushed by the
actions of our government. He spent his whole life
struggling to convince others and our government
that his idea of a flying wing was a good one. He would
not succeed as he had hoped, and he had a break-down
and suffered a stroke late in life...but then our government,
at the end of John K. Northrop's life,
employed his ideas and his designs in two different war
planes and signed a contract with his company. Sadly, he would
not live to see his dream fulfilled because
of the incompetence of our government.

Like John Northrop, Charles D. Walker was a man
of vision. Mr. Walker worked many years to perfect
the garment that would change history...if it
had not been for our government. It was called
Vist-O-Flage, the original red camouflage.
It would make hunters practically invisible
to deer, and other big game, which are all
color blind, yet it would stand out sharply to
the other hunters. The secret is in Vist-O-Flage's
colors and shades. Its special, scientifically matched
tones of red absorb more light than ordinary
comouflage, thus eliminating glare, reflected light,
and minimizing the movement of the hunter.
Zoological tests and over six years of successful
hunts have proved conclusively that Vist-O-Flage
conceals presence and movement better than
any other color or pattern.
Yet, as they did with Mr. Northrop, the government
stood in the way of Mr. Walker's dream and chose to
ignore this reality, and passed laws requiring the
hunter to wear blaze orange...which is like holding
a mirror up to the wildlife and saying "here I am".
Again our government shows their incompetence
and does what they do best, and destroys
another man's dreams.

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