Monday, January 17, 2011

The World by Kerry Craig Walker

The World by Kerry Craig Walker
copywrite © 2007 Kerry C. Walker

The World
The world with all its violence
Is tearing me apart,
Someone needs to convince you
Of the need for a brand new start.

I know what needs to be done
But no one’s really listening,
They seem to block anything new
Because of their conditioning.

To live a life as others do
Or as others seem to claim,
Is of little real truth
And is violent and vain.

We live through conditioning
Our thoughts never new,
But are fragmented images
And not the real you.

There is little true love
On the face of this earth,
There are all of these images
And what’s even worse…

People don’t know how to observe
And while they are waiting,
This corrupt world with its violence
Is disintegrating.

Thought has created, invented all the
religions throughout the world.

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