Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Dawn of Intelligence - cover picture file

This is a picture for the cover of my book (link to manuscript)
that my wife has been working on...I love it already...
Rob Vinson with Private Logo has been putting this together
with my wife's direction.

This book is a product of 30 years of my life. I spent
countless hours in some of the best libraries and read
every book I could get my hands on dealing with the related
subjects. I also made many trips to the University of Georgia
in Athens researching everything about evolution and paleontology,
and what I learned is not what science teaches us.

I have read and studied six (6) translations of the western bible, and
I have read the King James Version from cover to cover four (4) times,
and, on my last reading, I did a detailed analysis of the scriptures. I have
also studied the Koran, and other "sacred scriptures". My
work will bring you to the reality that human thought has created,
invented all the religions throughout the world.

I offer this book (actually the complete manuscript) to anyone and
everyone for free. Please read this work with a serious mindset and
please read this book in the order that it is written. It is not until you read
the entire book that you will have a chance of understanding what the
author has set out to give you; to understanding oneself, and, by
this understanding, to naturally absolve this self and be
set absolutly and unconditionally free.


  1. Wow! (& fresh off the press!)
    Just found your book, but as I've been up all nite I will hopefully read it another time.
    There's so much for me to learn/unlearn/unearth ~ Presently trying to get thru
    Have you seen it?
    Love, truth & beauty to you, yours & ours

  2. Congratulation for got the cover picture. This is really a beautiful pic and express pure thought.
    how to edit flv

  3. I would love to read your book, so please send it when you have it ready. Thanks...

    1. The book was ready when you posted this comment.