Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My old friend...busted!

My old friend Woodson Hannon recently got busted. The
stories are conflicting but he supposedly was pulled
over on a traffic stop (based on a tip) and had a quantity of heroin.
I have not had contact with Woodson for about 20 years, but
he was never the kind of person that wanted to bring
harm to anyone. In fact, it was the opposite, he wanted
to help people if he could. I figure he was growing
these poppy plants, as he said, to make a syrup to
put into tea and help to relieve chronic pain.

Update: I had a long talk with Woodson and
he told me the truth about all this nonsense.
Just as I suspected, it was a couple of overzealous
cops trying to get recognized and promoted. As usual
the cops and the media blew this all out of proportion and
what I thought probably happened was right on the money!

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