Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Whether it's filling products with chemically addictive ingredients,
engineering craving sensations, or turning spending into a game
we can't stop playing, companies are out to manipulate our psyches
to get us hooked. From the New York Times bestselling author of
Buyology comes Brandwashed. An insider's shocking look at how
today's global giants are persuading us to buy.

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  1. I only buy what I need. No advertisement tells me what I need. As for as cosmetics, I didn't let my wife use any when she was young, she did not need any. Now that she is a senior, she thinks she needs a little powder on the mug, never did lip stick. I am truly turned off when a female is used to sell me anything. If one would notice, the best stuff does not need to be advertised. It's like a good place to work, you never see them advertise. No one can get into my head with nonsense. What some other person eats does not make me go to the bathroom.