Monday, October 17, 2011

Evil is Evil

Evil is Evil

I believe the present crisis throughout the world is without precedent and it is going to be portentous. There have been crisis of all kinds throughout history and they all seem to come back around, even if in a different form. But surely the present crisis is distinctly different from all others because it’s not only a crisis which involves power and money, but it also involves ideas. The present crisis is in the realm of ideation. We are protesting ideas and ‘they’ are justifying all kinds of evil, even murder, and ‘they’ justify these evil actions as a means to some righteous end, which is also portentous. When are we going to realize that evil is evil and that murder is murder and that we cannot justify these actions as a means to bring about some noble result. And these people in positions of power justify these evil actions, which are destroying human beings, as a means of attaining a result that will be profitable for the few. That means ‘they’ are forfeiting the present for the future and it does not matter how evil the means as long as the end result will be profitable for the few. Therefore ‘they’ justify wrong to bring about an end, even if the means is wrong and the result is wrong— and ‘they’ justify the wrong actions through ideation. ‘They’ have constructed an imperial structure of ideas to justify evil and surely that is unprecedented. Evil is evil, and it cannot bring about good.

Kerry Craig Walker

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