Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An amazing story of an orphaned bat

In my work I have found that bats are the best example of a creative intelligence at work in the cosmos. They are amazing creatures and so important to life on earth. But the most amazing thing is how their ability to use echo location just shows up in the fossil record and there is no "gradual processes" or evidence of "natural selection". In fact the way natural selection works is to pull from a gene pool and mutate the genes, but, in the case of bats and their high tech echo location, there was no gene to pull from. But this "design" has nothing to do with a supernatural god or any religion. It is the work of this cosmic soup in our cosmos that may have the components to direct life in certain directions. Read more in my work, The Dawn of Intelligence, on Wildman Walker's blog. Also see Mathematical Proof of a Creative Intelligence on YouTube.

Kerry Craig Walker


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