Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our hike on Kimball Mountain

My wife and I walked a long way up this dry creek
bed, but there was no water to be found. There was a lot of
sounds of leaves blowing in the wind..then, all of a sudden
my wife says she hears water. I thought it was just the leaves
blowoing in the wind, but I wanted to keep going to
find out..and sure enough we found the running
water that somehow she could hear over the
sound of the blowing leaves.

There were a lot of wild flowers and some
different color wild Azaleas..and the Dogwoods
were also in bloom.

Then I found a cool piece of wood that could be
used as a club or a weapon..

On the way back Kim went from using her
good ears to using her eyes to spot some
fossels in a rock.

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