Sunday, June 21, 2009

They trashed out my cabin illegally!!

These are pictures telling the story of the tragedy at my cabin in Canton, Georgia after it was trashed out by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department because they, along with Wells Fargo Bank, ignored legal notices posted on the property! They did not follow any due process of law and my legal contracts, my registered land survey, and my rights were ignored!

These pictures convey the callous, corrupt, and wicked evil actions of the officials in Cherokee County, Georgia and the unethical and unlawful acts of Wells Fargo Bank!

These pictures do not fully convey the damage done by heavy rain that soaked my personal belongings that dated back to when I was born. These uncaring people trashed out my cabin without cause and ignored the legal process that should have taken place. All the legal documents were never viewed and the legal survey by a registered land surveyor was never viewed by the demented people that did this.

There was never any eviction documents posted on my cabin and there was no attempt to contact attorney Jeff Rusbridge or me, yet there were several legal notices posted on my cabin from this attorney that this property was in a legal dispute and a notice from me explaining that this was a separate track of land from the adjacent foreclosed property and displaying my phone number. I have a 20 million dollar lawsuit (pending since Nov. of 2007) against the parties that implemented this evil and inhuman act. This was nothing less than an act of vengeance and an act of malice on the part of all parties involved. This town is a strange town that beats to the drum of organized Christianity and they have burned me in every way possible because I emphatically reject organized religion.

After being arrested in 2001 for crimes I did not commit and where I was in fact the VICTIM, a very corrupt detective named Preston Peavy ignored exculpatory evidence and attempted to RAILROAD me by altering and manufacturing evidence to create the false appearance of my guilt. I suffered and my family suffered at the hands of officers of the state that covered for the evil actions of Preston Peavy, and my dear, sweet, and very patriotic mother died under the duress of this nightmare. I won the first part of this very long and disturbing battle and all of my false charges were finally reluctantly dismissed by the state. I then filed a lawsuit against those who perpetrated or covered up for these crimes against me and my family.

I have suffered more than most people could imagine and now me and my loved ones are dealt another brutal blow by the illegal and unethical seizure of my property and trash-out of my cabin. Everything that I own was removed from my cabin and piled in a 15 foot wide by 45 foot long pile, like garbage, and left in heavy rain. This was an evil act, an unjust and unethical act, perpetrated without cause!!

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