Monday, July 5, 2010

Crime Scene Photos

After the 911 attacks several of us went to do a skydive in
hopes of getting out of our depression about this terrible
tragedy. As it turned out I was attacted by an unballance
female...I filed a Police Report the same day on
September 16, 2001...but my report was
missing critical information and was never investigated.
The one who perpetrated crimes against me filed a report
several days later, on September 19, 2001 full of nothing
but lies and false information. Even the juristiction was wrong.
Then in her first interview with Detective Preston Peavy
she contradicted everthing in her report and her
story changed drastically. Yet in spite of all of this I was
falsely arrested. Then Detective Peavy set out on
a mission to manufacture my guilt and to RAILROAD
me and put me in prison for 25 or 30 years.

These are photos of the suspected "crime scene" at my
custom home that I lost in Cherokee County Georgia that
I had personally designed and physically built.
(I took these photos...the "investigators" never took a single
photo of this alleged crime scene!)

Jackie Wagner alleged in her Police Report that I violently
pushed her in this room and she landed in the bathtub.
When I attempted to show the former Detective Preston Peavy
and another "investigator" a severe bruise on my chest, I took them into
this room with very good lighting (I also took off my shirt as I
walked into the room). As soon as we walked into the room
Detective Peavy looked at the towel rack (and never looked at my chest)
and then he mumbled, "There's probable cause".

I immediately attempted to respond
with information that this towel rack had been off the wall for several
months and that there were witnesses to this fact and that Drew Mayo, a
tenant living in my home, was one of the witnesses. This was where we filled
up the 5 gallon jugs of water (as seen in the bottom picture) from the well
for my cooler. In fact, Drew Mayo, the only witness at the scene
and a witness to the truth about this towel rack, was never interviewed by
the former Detective Peavy or anyone else from the Cherokee County
Sheriff's Department. What is even more amazing is that Ms. Wagner's
Story changed drastically in her first interview with "investigator" Peavy
and she admitted that this alleged incident did not happen at my home at
4590 Knox Bridge Hwy and that what happened was an accident when
she pulled on the bathroom door at the same time I pushed on the door and
that she simply stepped back and plopped into the tub at a Holiday
Inn Hotel in Cedertown Georgia--in a completely different jurisdiction. Yet
the former Detective Preston Peavy still had me arrested!...and this
very crooked cop did not stop there! He went on in his attempts to frame me
and to RAILROAD me by manufacturing evidence to create the
illusion of my guilt and to ignore all exculpatory evidence!

Ms. Wagner failed to mention how, after she slammed the
door on my head which made me react and open the door abruptly,
I was still polite and asked to help her out of the tub or the fact
that she refused my help by violently swinging her arm at me and stating,
"No, get out of my way you son of a bitch!"--and upon getting out of the
tub she struck me with a very hard blow to my chest with her fist
and then hit me with a left punch to my right arm. She then
sucker punched me in my right eye
and almost knocked me out!!!

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