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Man's fate is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; man has no advantage over the animal...
Ecclesiastes 3:18

Ten Bears: These things you say we will have, we already have.
Josey Wales: That's true. I ain't promising you nothing extra. I'm just giving you life and you're giving me life. And I'm saying that men can live together without butchering one another.
Ten Bears: It's sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues. There is iron in your words of death for all Comanche to see, and so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life... or death. It shall be life.

It is odd to watch with what feverish ardor Americans pursue prosperity. Ever tormented by the shadowy suspicion that they may not have chosen the shortest route to get it. They cleave to the things of this world as if assured that they will never die, and yet rush to snatch any that comes within their reach as if they expected to stop living before they had relished them. Death steps in, in the end, and stops them before they have grown tired of this futile pursuit of that complete felicity which always escapes them.
Alexis de Tocqueville

Kerry on Death

We must walk in death…and then there is life.

I have come upon the realization that death is a complete ending and when we walk in this death, this ending now, and die now, we come upon an entirely new way of looking...and we do remember what we did and what we said the day before, but, at the same time, we create no memory.

The mind no longer works by the known processes of experience, record, memory, thought, action/experience, record, memory, thought, action, and so on and so on…on and on and on.. This process is the “brain” and not the mind in operation…so the brain deteriorates. Our current social structure is creating this way of thinking and for millennia this way of thinking has dominated the human brain. In fact it is this process of thought that has brought about our great developmental progress and has taken mankind from a simple desire to survive to our present complex systems of social laws and inherited customs. I think you would agree that despite these man-made systems, human affairs are still in a state of confusion with problems and troubles growing daily.

The illusion that we do not die has been around for as long as humans could think. If people could realize that we will all rot away just like the slug in the garden and realize that this is it...and accept the fact that after I die everything as far as consciousness ends...and come to understand and accept the reality that only an energy in different forms continues along with the physical components in different forms...but come to terms with the fact that we actually do die...end—then there would be peace on earth.

Once humans realize this they will see that we each create all the wrong actions that take place on this planet. All wrong actions that bring harm to others and all correct actions that help others...all good and all all done by human beings.

If I have a job that hurts others in some way, then, if I walk in this death, I will refuse to do this job and I will look for another means of earning a livelihood. But, if I justify bringing harm to others “because” it is my job, then I am thinking positively and not negatively. If I justify the death of another or the imprisonment of another or the suffering of another because I believe there is no death, this too is nonsense and it is wrong.

What are society’s results? Are people rational and honest? Or do they act on their own motives to do, be, have, get, and become whatever they desire?

I do see the truth in not analyzing our past to bring about an understanding of the present and this is something all the so-called mental health professionals need to learn.

The law is the final arbiter in that right should beget right results and wrong should beget wrong results, but because of our wrong actions and the neurosis of people in our culture this law is not working. Good people are killed or put in prison, or terrible things happen to them, and animals are brought harm…and the public does nothing!

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. For millennia people have acted from man-made laws, and believed in man-made illusions, and lived by inherited customs…expecting different results. Instead, over and over again, humanity has been getting incalculable wrong results. Is that sane and rational?

Wrongness has not only destroyed the lives of good people but also these wrong actions are increasingly damaging to the environment that supports life on this planet.

Scientists are not always identifying the natural laws and applying principles to better human existence. All words to describe right behavior such as rational, honest, logical, and moral are just words and words are just symbols and the symbols can kill. Only the spirit gives life and it is only by the death of self, living as if we are dead, that we operate in the spirit of the unknown.

Since the mainstream media nor science, etc., are interested in the truth, somehow we need to get the truth out there. Humans have been living under their own illusions and their own laws of behavior and inherited customs for thousands of years, yet these man-made systems contradict natural law, causing people to get wrong, troublesome results. If we can go beyond our own conditioned minds, and die psychologically, we are thrown into a state of wonder where a creative energy naturally operates on us and our thinking is straight.

I am tired of my life wasting away attempting to change others that refuse to open their minds and I am tired of doing work to change the system when the people in the system refuse to change and the public is so lazy and so stupid that they don’t know how to care. The means just does not justify the end.

I would like to travel around and give talks to people that are willing to listen. People should learn to die to the known and come upon the unknown…and to live without knowing and walk with wonder. The believer and the atheists are opposite sides of the same coin.

We must die to this self and walk in this death…to become part of creation…then, although we must accept that we are not perfect and understand that we are all fallible, we walk in absolute goodness, the law of absolute right, indicating that rightness in all human activities is required for successful outcomes. That is creation’s way…to change what is wrong until everything is made right…perfectly behaving people on the one planet in this universe that supports life as we know it!

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