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Reader decribes his theory of intelligence

To the editor:
A group of Rhea County residents
are doing a very good job of making
themselves look ignorant. Their response
on a billboard stating, "Evolutionists came
from monkeys" is not a clever response.
It says nothing to support their views
and nothing to counter the views of the

Their second billboard, which claims to
have been a World War II poster, further
degrades this group's position. This
picture Of the Bible with a dagger through
the middle of it is a very disturbing picture
on two sides.

It is disturbing for those who believe
in the Bible and it is disturbing to those
who don't. They are in a very direct way
stating that those who believe in evolution,
and who don't believe in the Bible, are
violently opposed to anyone who believes
in the Bible and that these people are also
like the Nazis.

My father had faith in a Creator, and he
was a great man, and he fought his heart
out in WWII for our freedom. My father
was very intelligent, and he was aware of
the evolutionary processes on this earth,
and he would be very upset about these
billboards, especially the second one!

Since graduating near the top of my
class with a degree in Architectural
Engineering in 1977,I have spent the last
30 years researching everything related
to religion and religious philosophies and
philosophy in general. I studied histories
of religion, origins of religion, conflicts of
religion, and so on. I have read the Bible
from cover to cover four times and I have
researched and studied six translations of
the Bible.

On the subject of evolution, I have been
a student of this subject as well for nearly
30 years.

I have also had a deep interest in the
study of astronomy and all aspects of
science related to the study of the cosmos.
I have put together a 317 page
manuscript on these subjects entitled,
"The Dawn of Intelligence," edited by
Dr. John A. Henderson, which looks
at an intelligence that goes beyond the
conditioned processes of self, and I'm in
the process of finding a publisher. I have
a chapter on evolution that looks into the
facts behind these processes of change

A valid response to the evolutionist
would be to provide evidence that there
is an outside energy or Creator at work
in these processes. This can only be done
by looking at the problems with natural
selection left on its own.

If we consider the evidence as it stands
we find clear evidence that some outside
energy must be at work along with the
processes of natural selection. Echolocation
in the bats and bi-sonar in whales and
dolphins are two good examples where
natural selection alone would fail.

Examples of behavior and the actions
of insects and other creatures in nature
also lend proof to a creative energy or
creative intelligence, not to mention the
biological evidence.

I believe that science, mathematics
and physics also lend proof of this creative
intelligence and that this intelligence
is within the cosmos itself and I have
demonstrated this in my work. The
components of the cosmos contain the
necessary complex ingredients, along
with electro-magnetism, to produce this
directive energy or creative intelligence.

In my open-minded study of history I
have learned that those that came to the
so-called New World wanted to worship
their Creator on their own terms and
many did not desire to have allegiance to
the king.

A great man named Thomas Paine
was a deist that believed in a Creator but
detested the Bible, yet this man was clearly
the catalyst for our revolution! He died
being rejected by the so-called Christian
people and before his death he stated, ''My
life is in the hands of my Creator."

The simple fact is that very few
Christians have read the entire Bible and
do not know what's in there, and would be
very surprised to find out! And how few
of us have the intelligence to go beyond
self and are hesitant enough to patiently
do the research and take the time to come
upon the truth!

The religions have no grounding
in reality as religions are inventions of
human thought, and atheism is often the
opposite side of the same coin.

The evolutionists have created a new
belief based on natural selection, and
they are wrong to conclude that there is
no natural outside energy at work in the
detailed designs of organisms and in the
complex and mysterious processes of the
universe and the infinite cosmos.

Kerry Walker
Spring City
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