Friday, April 17, 2009

Krazy Kim Kim over the years

Kerry’s rendition of a song by Panu Larnos for Kim

I can't think of any love songs in the world
That tell the story about you and me
There aren't any single parallels that I've come across
That echo our history

We can hurt each other occasionally
And sometimes the whole thing makes no sense to me
And still I love you - unconditionally

I tried to think if there had ever been a movie bout,
A love of such disarray
I took a look in every romantic book,
Where passion sizzled and rarely faded away

There were no stories of love that had struck me the same,
As the love that was you and me
And yes I love you - unconditionally

I surrendered to what is, but sometimes felt confused
You could see that I was hurting and I needed you
And we were lonely and found ourselves in need of love-
And I know, you're true...

Now we are at the place were happy to be,
And we wouldn't want it any other way
And before I start to rewrite our story,
I can't live without your love anyway

What it comes down to is that me and you
Have got a bond that's just too easy to see
We love each other, we love each other, we love each other


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